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... to the group of study in Applied Cognitive Computing of the Santa Catarina State University (UDESC).
This group is located at Computer Science Department of UDESC.

Group Interests

Generally, the term cognition can be related with any form/entity capable of interact, cooperate and thinking in a coherent way (meaning an intelligent way). Here worth a reflection around the term intelligent. Its up to you do that!

Applied Cognitive Computing can be summarized as all methods and heuristics that are capable of solving real world problems in an intelligent and optimazed way. Paradigms examples are Artificial Neural Networks, Expert Systems, Genetic Algorithms (Evolutionary Computing), Swarm Intelligence, ... and so on!

The CoCA Group Grupo de Computação Cognitiva Aplicada (Applied Cognitive Computing Group) has the objective study subjects that relate three main topics: Computational Systems, Intelligent Behavior and Complex Problems.

Among the main research areas we can mention:


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