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Claudio Cesar de Sá

Lecturer on Computer Science
Postal Adress:
Universidade do Estado Santa Catarina Departamento de Ciência da Computação Centro de Ciências Tecnológicas Bloco F - Sala 13 - 2o. Andar 89.223-100 - Joinville - SC - Brasil

 Release Notes:
This Home-Page is not a professional HP, it's tipical ("light") personal HP. For professional details, check an official link with my CV in details, that is: Research National Council of Brazil (CNPq?) , Direct Lattes Searcher or Lattes Searcher - Main Page , searching by my name. Para um CV profissional, vá há um dos links acima e pesquise pelo meu nome. As this HP is a miscellaneous of favourites subjects and issues, I put it in a "neutral" domain. This way, any profissional link, political parties or alliances are disconnected from them. All contents are under my responsability. Finally, the portuguese version is always most updated for an obvious reasons; my students are from Brazil! Reminding you, this home page is just an identification, not a profissional reference. It also tries be a minimalist home page, I let for your own imagination how it could be improved. Anyway, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any trouble and suggestion. Summarized CV:
I obtained my Electrical Engineering degree in 1981 from the State University of Santa Catarina (UDESC). I started a MSc? programme at the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB) in 1982 which was interrupted in 1983. After a couple of years, I continued my studies at UFPB and obtained my Master degree in August of 1987. Immedately afterwards I began to give lectures on computing at the State University of Ceará (UECE) up to 1989. During this year I moved to Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL). In October 1991, I´ve started my PhD? study n Computer Science at the Aeronautical Institute of Technology (ITA). After exactly four years, in 1995, I went back to work at UFAL, and held back my PhD? studies. I got to leave UFAL in 1996 and returned to my "mother" university (UDESC) but now as a lecturer in Computer Science (CS). Finally, I´ve obtained my PhD? degree in Computer Science from ITA in April of 1997. Since 1996 I have been enrolled in several courses at UDESC, mainly lecturing courses in CS.


  * Master Degree in Electrical Engineering Department, UFPB, Brasil, 1987. The dissertation title is:
 "Avaliação de Desempenho de Aplicações em Redes Locais"  (Performance Evaluation of Local Area Network 


   * PhD? Degree in Computer Science Division, ITA, Brasil, 1997. "Uma Arquitetura para Agentes 
 Autônomos Móveis sob a Visão da Inteligência Artificial Distribuída" (An arquitecture for Mobile
 Autonomous Agents from the Distributed Artificial Intelligence perspective). A copy my thesis has
 been compressed (ZIP file), and the final document is in Postscript, ready to print, everything
 is around 200 pages. To  download it, plesase click here:


    * Swimming (three times per week). Open for sponsorship to cross "The British Channel" (Le Manche).
    * Guitar (classic, barely, each time less and less).
    * Water-polo (I was used to play when I was younger...)
    * Trecking (waiting your invitation).
    * Café, yes I have a kit to prepare a good "expresso" cafe. Or better, we have a small cafeteria at home.
    * Linux, for the time being I am using it to process my texts et. al.  
    * One of my favourite radio in internet: Classical and Flamenco Guitar 
    * My best results as an amateur in ocean swimmings during 2006/2007: Copa verão de Travessias.
    * The calendar of ocean swimm in south of Brazil: Ocean Swimming in Brazil - in Portugese

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